Proverbs 25:7-10

What your eyes see, 8 don’t be quick to quarrel over;
    what will you do in the future when your neighbor shames you?
9 Argue it out with your neighbor,
    and don’t give away someone’s secret.
10 Otherwise, the one who hears it will vilify you;
    the slander against you will never stop.

This reminds me of what Jesus said in Matthew 18 about conflict.

15 “If your brother or sister sins against you, go and correct them when you are alone together. If they listen to you, then you’ve won over your brother or sister. 

It is better to talk directly to someone that you disagree with than talking to everyone else about it. It can cause others to think differently of someone.  It can publicly disgrace someone. Or you can be disgraced in return.

How do we handle conflict?

Is it hard to confront people we are upset with?

Does it help to have an example from the Bible to guide you in these situations?

Have you ever talked directly to someone and had good results?

Lord, remind me to keep my anger in control and talk directly to people that I am upset with. Amen.


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