Proverbs 23:23
Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.

What does that even mean? Can we sell truth?

John Wesley, founder of Methodism, explains it this way, “Buy – Purchase it upon any terms, spare no pains or cost. Truth – The true and saving knowledge of God’s will. Sell it not – Do not forsake it for any worldly advantage.”

Solomon is sharing with the people that truth is the most valuable thing in the current culture. Many other shiny things look attractive, but Truth, Wisdom, Instruction, and Understanding are worth more than any material item.

He is also telling them that it is not worth it to sell Truth. Many people can benefit from knowing things that they shouldn’t and he is reminding the people that just because they can sell truth doesn’t mean they should.

Watch for the value of Truth in your life this week.


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