the beginning of the end

Each year at this time, I realized that I have sped through Lent and not taken time to process what it means to my personal faith in God. As this Holy Week begins, I invite you to take time to sit with these events, and meditate on what this means in your life.

Matthew 27:45, 46, 50
“From noon to three, the whole earth was dark. Around mid-afternoon Jesus growaned out of the depths, crying loudly, ‘Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?’ which means, ‘My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?’………But Jesus, again crying out loudly, breathed his last.”

As you ponder these last moments, what wells up inside of you as you spend time with these events? Wonder? Grief? Disbelief? Be aware of your reaction and talk to Jesus about it. He is big enough to handle your questions, doubts and worries. As we sit with this sacrifice, take time to say thank you to a God who loves you enough to sacrifice his son for your life.

This Thursday, White’s Chapel will have a Maundy Thursday service at 7pm. Read more about this service here.

On Friday, White’s Chapel will have a Come & Go prayer time in Founders Chapel from 12-3pm. There were also be a Lenten Journey set up in The Bridge starting at 10am. It can be compared to the Stations of the Cross.

Easter Services are at staggered times: 9am – Sanctuary, 9:30am – Bridge, 10:15 – Sanctuary, 11 – Bridge, 11:30 – Sanctuary, 12:45 – Jazz Sanctuary

See you there!

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