There’s more?

Continuing our Lenten exploration with a question from Rachel Held Evans

“Is there a spiritual discipline that I’ve always wanted to try?  How might I alter my daily routine to include one of these disciplines? And how can I engage all my senses—sight, sound, taste, smell, touch—as I practice them?”

Spiritual Disciplines are the intentional development of authentic Spiritual life and intimacy with God. Some examples are:

  • praying the hours,
  • lectio divina,
  • stations of the cross,
  • fasting
  • meditation
  • worship
  • service

You can find a deeper explanation of the Spiritual Disciplines here.

So now that we know what a Spiritual Discipline is, we need to figure out which one we want to do and when we can fit it into our endlessly busy life.  Fasting is a common discipline for Lent – i.e. not drinking Cokes or eating chocolate. But will that change our life? What will we embrace in the void that is no coke drinking?

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