Is God like Santa Claus?

Proverbs 5:21-23 CEB

The Lord’s eyes watch over every person’s path,
    observing all their ways.
 The wicked will be caught by their own evil acts,
    grabbed by the ropes of their own sin.
Those without instruction will die,
    misled by their own stupidity.

The beginning of this passage reminds me of songs about Santa Claus….He sees you when you’re sleeping, He knows when you’re awake.  This idea of God seems very out of touch.  However, the second line is about how when you do wrong, God doesn’t catch you or punish you, but you get caught in your own sin.

This passage isn’t an easy one, but one that we so often forget. It’s not God vs us  and if we don’t obey, there is punishment. It’s God & us against evil & sin.

What is your idea of God?

Is God the ultimate chess player and we are all pieces on the board?

Does God punish us for our sin, or does the sin do the punishing?

Finally – without instruction, we will be lost.

Are you open to instruction?


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