How dirty are your shoulders?

Gil McGregor: “All great people have dirty shoulders.”

Acts 9:1-17 This is the story of Saul’s conversion to Paul. Remember how God blinded Saul and then called Ananias to go to Saul and touch his eyes? Ananias balked because Saul had been throwing Christians in jail. But God told him to go, and he did. He touched Saul’s eyes and Saul could see. Then Saul starting sharing Jesus with everyone.

This story is most often focused on Saul/Paul because God uses Paul to spread the gospel for many years. However, we are focusing on Ananias because like our quote above, he put Paul on his shoulders so he could become great.

So….. has anyone put you on their shoulders? Who has helped you along your life path?

And have you done the same for someone?

Is it easy to do? Or can we get so focused on ourselves, we don’t think about helping others.

How often have we turned someone down or literally turned the other direction when we know someone might need a shoulder?

I think the more we practice putting others on our shoulders, the greater we become.


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